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Wolf or Dog? Make a Wild Guess!


3 Responses to “Wolf or Dog? Make a Wild Guess!”

    • Judy

      Hi Mungai,

      I’ll let you know for sure as others weigh in. Although after looking at your blog, I see you like shooting wild life so you seem to know much about wild animals. But, you could be mistaken this time. 🙂


      • Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

        I realised as soon as I had pressed ‘post’. It has a foot in both camps, but I’d better not enter two answers LOL 🙂
        The images are not mine, btw, only the articles. I do try and credit photographers where possible, but, as you can image, some images are hard to trace. I post a disclaimer, and if anyone recognises their work, I will either take it down or add the credit and link back to their site with their other work. But, thank you for the compliment anyway. I stand back in awe of great photographers.
        Love your blog and all your wonderful shots, too.
        Amelia :).


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