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High Dynamic Range

Using high dynamic range (HDR) enabled me to accentuate the detail in the clouds. With HDR, the sky would have been washed out, completely white without any detail. What are your thoughts about HDR? 


4 Responses to “High Dynamic Range”

  1. Sophie L.

    I like HDR it completely change the image and besides it recover some detail like white sky I think it give a new dimension of images .
    Have a nice day Judith

      • Sophie L.

        I cannot use HDR in my camera because I shoot only in Raw and it is not compatible and no matter because I prefer doing that in post treatment with the way I chose and I use Niksoftware collection that it is plugins that can be integrated in Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture and there is modules for HDR, B&W, sharpness, colors and so many effect. Easy to use , so perfect for me !!!!!!
        ave a nice evening Judy

        • Judy

          Wow that’s amazing Sophie! I don’t have those software programs, although I have the Nikon photo software, but i don’t use it. I prefer iPhoto and Photoshop Elements. I know I have to go beyond that. I’ve never shot in RAW before although I want to. I’m a real amateur but would like to expand my photography skills. My HDR is in my camera. OK talk to you again soon. Have a good evening!


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